Drawing influences from bands like The Strokes, Phoenix, Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens and Margot and The Nuclear So and So's, LadyFace’s music manages to grab a listener’s attention and take them on a journey. Their sound and vibe feeds off of raw emotion and lives on well past first and second listens. Simply put; their music demands repeat listens to the point that a legion of obsessed music fans is probably in this band’s near future.

Formed in early 2014 around songwriter Eric Reid’s home recordings, LadyFace has spent the past year playing almost every club, creative space and basement in Toronto, recording every concept and idea in Eric’s head and rehearsing a unique sound that is slowly grabbing the attention of the city’s most discerning music fans.

The title of “Toronto’s best kept secret” could apply to this band, but not due to a lack of hard work. Through recent live in-studio recordings, up coming interviews and features and recording sessions for their first “professional” EP booked for early 2015 they are planning on shaking off that title to find their rightful place in the rich tapestry of Canada’s greatest music exports.

Eric Reid: Guitar/Keys/Lead Vocals
Mark Johnston: Drums/Additional Percussion/Vocals
Michael Johnsen: Guitar/Vocals
Stephen Cooper: Bass/Vocals
Kristin Dalziel: Keys/Vocals



Patrick Brealey

A veteran of the Canadian folk music scene, touring troubadour and stalwart of Toronto’s famous Cameron House front room residencies

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