Authenticity is hard to find. How do you know if a new band you are hearing are actually good or just another manufactured product? One Take Wonders books great new bands into top recording studios and shoots them live off the floor. Everything you see and hear is from that one single take in real time.

No auto tune, no lip synching, no overdubs, no BS…


cardboard box drum beats cassette tapes of other people’s conversations reverb upon reverb
a bottle of hennessy that technically still belongs to nas sangria and oysters in williamsburg
the penguin conundrum a very important blimp over london a king charles spaniel
to taste pulse nurture your pride lie on your back and let the stars come to you
patience and skepticism halfway between a screen and spiral bound book
bringing your lounge with you knowing when to fight over a note or two
hackeysack nobody’s chair coming out at the supermarket
afro pick supreme bitch she’s not blue eyed
plants wolves tea and coffee
twenty questions round four
slow down gravity
truth or a silhouette
queer skies




cardboard box drum beats cassette tapes of other people’s conversations reverb upon reverb


A Thrash Rockin Ass Shakin' Party in band. Known for rocking crazy, sweaty gala affairs


Stegall believes in soul, groove, and ‘oomph’. Based out of Grand Bend, ON, Canada, this sibling trio is comprised of members Clara (vocals), Sydney (guitar), and Liza Stegall (keyboards)

Ascot Royals

Sometimes, it’s your darkest moment that truly cements your destiny. For Brantford’s Ascot Royals, that moment came on November 20, 2013: the day their van was stolen


Drawing influences from bands like The Strokes, Phoenix, Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens and Margot and The Nuclear So and So's

Patrick Brealey

A veteran of the Canadian folk music scene, touring troubadour and stalwart of Toronto’s famous Cameron House front room residencies

Such Small Creatures

Such Small Creatures (SSC) is a band that is unafraid to bring spectacle, showmanship and dynamism to their music.

Jaime Payne

Jaime Payne balances her ambitious drive and headstrong nature with a welcoming, fun-loving simplicity that seems to define her Northern Ontario roots.


Hailing from a farmhouse in Prince Edward County, DARKLARK is a collaboration between artists and songwriters Mel Larkin and D’Ari Lisle, and NYC based co-producer and friend Jake Birch